Our Clinic

At Peace Country Mobile Dental Hygiene (PCMDH), we are committed to providing the highest quality of oral health care. We provide the same professional caring service that you would receive at a dental office. We provide our portable services to long-term care facilities, hospitals, First Nations reservations and Metis settlements. In the Peace Country we will set up our equipment in different towns which will be announced once locations become available.

We are professional, registered Dental Hygienists who believe in the importance of keeping up to date within our profession by regularly participating in continuing education events and courses to provide the highest quality care to our clients. We look forward to providing you with high quality, caring dental hygiene care you require.


Providing the highest standard of caring quality dental hygiene care to those unable to access at a traditional Dental office setting.


Being portable is the ability for us at PCMDH to travel to a variety of locations with ease. Every aspect you may experience in a regular dental hygiene setting we are able to recreate. This includes:

 Client Chair- our chair is equipped with a connection for our air compressor which allows us to lay you back with ease.

 Dental unit- this includes suction and a water syringe as well as other necessary adaptors to ensure a quality appointment is received.

 X-ray equipment- our x-ray equipment is portable and passes all qualifications set out by the government to ensure your safety as a client.

 All other necessary items such as hand instruments, ultrasonic/prophy unit etc. are transported in storage containers. All transportation standards have been met as per the College of Registered Dental Hygienists of Alberta and Alberta Health.

After the day of clients is completed all items are then transported back to our sterilization room where proper techniques are taken to ensure the sterilization process it completed accurately to all standards.


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